Hi, I'm Jerzy

Experienced UX specialist with an IT background. I help to transform ideas into tangible demonstrations with an iterative process of understanding, exploring, testing and implementing new concepts.

Currently, I’m interested in new job opportunities in Sydney.

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Core competencies

UX Research

I perform user testing to gain insights from users. I carry out competitors analysis and search for best practises. I prepare lists of important vocabulary and metaphors from the real world.

Conceptual Design

I do deep context of use research. I conduct interviews and surveys, define user classes and express them by personas. I prepare storyboards and user stories. Then I create a journey map.

Information Architecture

I start with user flows. I make sketches and propose re-iterated solutions. I perform card sorting with users. Taking into account interface guidelines and usability rules, I prepare wireframes.


I prepare interactive prototypes. They are fully functional on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. I use Axure RP, Adobe XD or HTML/CSS. Based on a graphic design I make interactive mock-up.

Usability audits

I conduct expert evaluations based on heuristics and rules. I check compliance with UI guidelines and accessibility recommendations. I perform cognitive walkthroughs and key stroke level modelling.

Unmoderated tests

I record users’ activity during interaction. I perform click tracking, mouse tracking and prepare reports with heatmaps. I use A/B testing to give the opportunity to rely on quantitative data.

Usability tests

I conduct usability tests with the participation of users. Observations and insights are recorded. They could be enhanced with an eyetracking which allows to gauging most appealing UI elements.


I design tailored research methodologies for interactive interfaces. I combine existing and new methods or devices to develop custom made solution for individual purposes.

Professional experience

  • 2014 - 2018 @ Mobilited.com

    UX Research & Design Contractor


    I perform deep contextual research and through an iterative process and discussion with stakeholders, I deliver fully interactive prototypes. I work remotely with a Polish company on UX research and design for mobile applications. In Australia, I also cooperate with start-ups on validating their ideas on early stages of development.

  • 2015 - 2016 @ U1 Group

    UX Researcher

    Sydney - Australia

    I had an opportunity to focus solely on UX research. I worked on agile driven UX research projects where through moderated test sessions with recruited participants I validated concepts and user interfaces. I maintained close contact with project stakeholders to identify research gaps and deliver most valuable insights. I cooperated with Australia's biggest brands like Westpac, St. George, Qantas.

  • 2012 - 2014 @ bottlabel.com

    CX/UX Designer & Co-founder


    I co-created an innovative online store. I led a whole UX research and design process. I consistently backed my design decisions with data analysis and observations drawn from user test sessions and contextual enquiries with our potential and existing customers. I also supported marketing and branding activities in social, digital and traditional media.

  • 2013 - 2014 @ Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

    Human-Computer Interaction Specialist


    I was conducting usability research within HCI team in the area of gesture-based user interfaces and eye tracking. I organised many user testing sessions. I also prepared and conducted dozens of usability audits and studies for enterprise companies and univerity projects.

  • 2010 - 2013 @ Fragaria Systems

    UX Specialist & Business Analyst


    I managed contact with clients, gathered business and user needs. I conducted UX research and design activities and delivered formal and informal specification for dozens of websites, online stores and mobile applications.

  • 2010 - 2011 @ Witflow

    Junior UX & Usability Specialist


    I had an opportunity to put into use plenty of UX methods. I designed web and mobile interfaces based on deep contextual design and supported the team in business analysis, research, reporting and documentation.

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