Previous works

Gesture interface usability testing with eyetracking

Usability studies for gesture-based interface developed by Aduma S.A. company for a large shopping mall. Define research scope and design the whole experiment settings and apparatus. Conduct user test sessions, analyse results, make recommendations and present findings.


Aduma S.A.


UX Research


Project Manager, Project Owner, Product Designer, UI Designer, Interaction Designer


MS Kinect, Eyetracker, Heat maps, MS Excel, Whiteboard

Interaction with gesture based interfaces differs from interactions with standard devices such as mouse or keyboard. This means it is necessary to deliver special tools for gathering interaction data and methods for usability analysis.

10 test participants

Gesture based interfaces are most often used by young people, so to simulate a real life use of our application, 8 of our participants were in group age 18-30.

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Gesture web based application

The tested interactive system was developed with Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK based on Web Server. It means that it was a web application that could be open with any modern web browser.

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Each participant was asked to fill in a questionnaire at the beginning and after the experiment to gather additional data and insights.

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Participants coped with the tasks without any major problems. However, all of them pointed out that selection of the elements was hard for them and often they needed to try few times before they could select an element.

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Participants mentioned issues such as problems with the correct recognition of hand position on the screen and some lags, and also complained that their hands are getting tired from keeping them up in the air for a too long time.

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Interaction heat maps

We were able to generate heat maps indicating the intensity of usage. Heat maps offer a very good way of presenting interactive systems experimental results.

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The participants also had some remarks how to improve the application and its interaction. They mentioned that it was essential to improve the selection mechanism and the control of the hand cursor.

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