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Practice tool for English test takers

UX Design for the mobile application for English language learners. Prepare sketches, wireframes and prototype based on delivered analysis and cooperation with other UX designers. Ensure compliance with Android material design guidelines.


Contract project


UX Research&Design


UI Designer, 2 Developers, Project manager, English teacher


Pen, Pencil, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD

EnglishApp is an app for English learners who are preparing for English language certification exams. It covers four main areas (listening, speaking, reading, writing) with a specially crafted set of tasks.

Clarifying the concept

I joined this project with an early conceptual design work already done. Firstly, I helped with clarifying the concept by leading interviews with stakeholders and potential users.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

English App image

Research cooperation

I cooperated with a UX designer who was responsible for gathering data about potential users as well as similar and competitive solutions available on the market.

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Personas & User scenarios

I actively participated in brainstorming sessions and ideation workshops with potential users who usually were students preparing for exams.

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Card sorting

I run card sorting sessions with potential application users to better organise content structure. Based on results analysis I got the idea how the app should be organised to suit users expectations.

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Cooperating with other UX team memebers I developed many sketches and discussed them with other team members. After several sessions we managed to produce a set of early-stage lo-fi wireframes on paper and whiteboards.

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Adobe XD

For this project, I found Adobe XD as a suitable tool to quickly and easily deliver requested assets. Adobe XD's ready-to-use UI kits helped me with delivering UI design complying with Google Material Design guidelines.

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