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SFC Markets. Multiplatform mobile trading app

UX Design for the mobile application for English language learners. Prepare sketches, wireframes and prototype based on delivered analysis and cooperation with other UX designers. Ensure compliance with Android material design guidelines.


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UX Research&Design


Mobile Developer, Project manager, Project owner, UI designer


Pen, Pencil, Axure RP, MS PowerPoint

SFC Markets is a specialized application for finance instrument trade. I was asked to make an upgrade in structure, information architecture and UX design of existent mobile app version due to development purposes.

Existing mobile application analysis

I have to deeply understand application purposes and whole financial instruments trading area. I made an analysis of existing solution and talked a lot with my clients.

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Analysis of similar mobile apps

I made a competitive analysis of similar solutions. I also looked for inspiration in news and weather applications.

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Analysis of web competitors

I also took into consideration several web-based systems for finance instrument trading.

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During conversations with a client many sketches were made. At this stage, we made a lot of changes and design decisions

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Wireframe with description

Based on sketches and ideas from talks I prepared a quick wireframe. It showed general structure, information architecture and main interaction patterns

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Several iterations

We used an iterative approach to prepare several versions of the user interface and discuss them. It was really helpful due to the complexity of the developed solution.

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Interactive prototype

After a short presentation and many conversations with a client I managed to create an interactive prototype.

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Mobile friendly prototype

Mobile-friendly prototype was presented to the stakeholders directly on the mobile devices

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UX Design image
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